County Updates

April 26, 2021 

The USA, fueled by states like Michigan, Colorado, New Jersey, and Minnesota is still highest in new cases per capita in this list, but it appears to be leveling off.  It’s up by about 5% in the last three weeks.  

The world is rising in its incidence of active cases.  In the last three weeks, it’s up by about 40%.  India is contributing greatly to this.  Sweden, France, and Turkey still have high incidence of the disease, but their rates of new cases in the other three countries are actually falling in contrast to India.  

Israel, with its high rate of vaccinations, continues to drop.  

Very roughly – these are the incidences: 

The USA has about 1 active case per 250 people.

World has about one active case per 500 people.  

Georgia has about 1 active case per 550 people.  

Troup has about 1 active case per 1,000 people.

Harris has about 1 active case per 1,100 people. 

Harris County Schools Update

Harris County School District weekly numbers. Click the image to visit the website for information.